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Would you like to save money on your heating and cooling bills?

Larson Fan Company ~ Save money on your heating and cooling bills. Larson Fans will save money on your heating and cooling bills with a Larson ventilation fan and damper inserts for common Broan, NuTone and Nautilus ventilation fans. In Michigan, homes save around seven percent in winter and around thirty percent for the months when central air is being used for an annual combined savings of around ten percent of annual energy bills. For homes in a hotter and more humid area, the savings will be higher! Payback for the product(s) is normally less than a year. Any Air Sealing project is not complete if you do not address your bathroom ventilation fans with our products.

This product is a replacement fan assembly for very common bathroom ventilation fans that is proudly assembled and Made in the USA

To see how the damper feature works, move your mouse over the fan assembly image below. This true damper feature is patented and why our fan inserts will reduce your utility bills.

If you're thinking this is to good to be true, or want an idea on how much our products will save you, do the following to prove it to yourself!

This summer, on a hot and humid day when you will mostly be at home, after getting ready for the day, take off the bathroom fan grill, remove the motor and fan assembly, and block the exhaust vent opening with some duct tape. Now for the rest of the day, notice how much your central air does not run and compare to what it normally does.


  • Air damper feature saves energy by closing the ventilation fan exhaust vent.
  • Quick and easy installation from inside your house in about five minutes.
  • An indoor ladder and a common screwdriver are the only installation tools needed.
  • No large upfront costs as with replacement windows, new appliances or added insulation.


This product was designed to fit into the ventilation fan housings produced by the Broan, NuTone and Nautilus brands. The intent of this product is to close one or more of the biggest air leaks a home has. Along with reducing the amount of energy used for heating and cooling by the simple addition of the damper feature, while retaining the original ventilation purpose. It was also designed for easy and quick installation by the homeowner from inside the home, with no need to get into the attic or the space above the fan. Another benefit to reusing the existing housing is the homeowner does not have to remove the existing housing, install a new housing, and do any work rerouting of the electrical wiring or exhaust ducting. This product really saves the most when air conditioning is being used!

Whole Fan Assembly is Available

We can provide a complete fan assembly for those who don't have the the proper housing. Please contact us at contact.lfc@comcast.net for more details.

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