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Customer Comments

  • "I heat with propane and after the new fan was installed, my next two fillups were both one hundred dollars less than I expected them to be."
  • Pam, Rockford, Mi

  • "After installing two insert fans, I notice that my central air does not run as long as it did before and the new fans are just as quite as the old ones."
  • Jeff, Jenison, Mi

  • "Within two days of installing the fan insert, It was clearly evident that the central air did not come on as often. The fan we installed had a higher CFM rating than our old one, and it removes the humidity out of the bathroom a lot faster than the old one did before."
  • John and Robin, Rockford, Mi

  • "The 65 cfm fan I installed in the main bathroom has reduced my heating and cooling bills."
  • Jason, Kentwood, Mi

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