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Energy Savings

Larson Fan Company ~ Save money on your heating and cooling bills. How much energy your home will save when you upgrade your ventilation fan depends on numerous factors that vary for each house. Some of the many factors that will affect your energy savings are: Your local weather, your home’s location (warm or cold climate and/or exposure to the wind), occupants use and settings of the home’s heating and cooling equipment (including the use of a setback thermostat or regular thermostat), your home’s age and existing energy efficiency characteristics (like single or double pane windows, thickness of wall and attic insulation). Since cooling requires more energy than heating, our products save the most during the summer, when central air is in use. Also, if your house is in a windy location, your energy savings will be higher.

As a general guide for most typical home owners for heating:

  • Small 2 or 3 bedroom house with a single bathroom ventilation fan: 2-3%
  • 3 or 4 bedroom house with a two bathroom ventilation fans: 3-5%
  • Larger house with more than two bathroom ventilation fans: 5-8%

As a general guide for most typical home owners using central air conditioning, these products will reduce how much your central air runs by around twenty percent and you can expect to save forty to one hundred dollars each month on your electric bill depending on how much you run the central air during each month.

This product is a replacement fan assembly for very common bathroom ventilation fans that is proudly assembled and Made in the USA

To see how the damper feature works, move your mouse over the fan assembly image below. This true damper feature is patented and why our fan inserts will reduce your utility bills.

Payback Period

Depending on how many ventilation fans you upgrade and the numerous factors as stated in the energy savings above, the typical payback period can be as short as a two months or as long as a few years (for those who do not use air conditioning). The payback period will typically be shorter for homes that have several bathroom ventilation fans and regularly use air conditioning. Also if you use heating oil or propane instead of natural gas to heat with, typically your payback period should be shorter.

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